Open Season III

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Mike was a lover of the nature and his passion was to take photos of the wildlife. His dream was to take a photo of roe deer in the fog. This Wednesday was perfect day for doing it. He went to the local wood near his small town.

 He loved it there so much! He could watch wild animals only few minutes of walk from his flat. He got awesome photos on his walls there. He hoped this time he will be the lucky one and he finally will take that photo. As he was walking across the field he could not see almost anything because of the fog everywhere. He just saw silhouettes of trees, bushes and some fox. He was walking quietly with the hood on his head and his face was covered by scarf for better photos because animals could recognize him harder then. He wanted to come on field near the forest where were two bryonies and he knew there he can find roe or roe deer. He heard somewhere far away a barking of roes.

 He finally got where he wanted. The mud covered the whole his shoes and he felt tired a little bit. He sat for a minute to have a rest and drank tea. Then prepared himself for taking pictures by setting the camera. He was ready.

     Mike started to walk carefully and watching every corner where the roe deer could be. Finally he found them! They were in front of the one bryony. It looked like the fog is hugging everything also the roe deer. They did not know he was there. Mike walked three steps further and took photos. He finally got them! He moved forward slowly and the roe deer did not recognize him. But when he got too close the sound of his camera was quite noisy and a roe stood up and stare on him. The rest of the flock did the same and they were watching him. He froze and did not move. One roe started to walk toward him. He took some pictures and roe stopped 10 metres from him. They looked eye-to-eye and Mike did not breathe. He took one picture. The roe just stood there after couple of seconds she gone back to the flock and the whole flock headed to the forest. Mike followed it. It was hard for him to follow them as quickly as they were moving because of the mud. He lost the flock. He remembered where the flock gone so he went there. He heard barking of roe deer again and as he was passing the bryony he noticed car typical for hunters but he could not see anybody. He really did not like this kind of men. To kill an animal by such unfair way and basically just for nothing only for fun that was what he hated from the bottom of his heart. This one was only for egomaniacs not for the real men. Disgusted expression appeared on his face.

He was searching for the flock but it seemed it just disappeared. After 30 minutes he decided to go home. As he started to walk it was quite dark already and he heard barking again. On the left he heard roe deer running. He looked there but just then he tripped and fall on knees. As he was raising up again he looked on the ground and he did not believe what was there… He had tripped because there was a hand. Human hand. There was not only human hand there was a human body. He was scared to death. He started to run out of the wood and when he got there he pulled out his mobile phone and called the police.

     “Police? I found a body in the wood, please come here!”

When he finished the call he heard deep in the wood a sound. Barking of the roe deer was spreading through the wood as a wave when you throw a stone into the calm water. He looked at the lights of the town where he lived because he was up on small hill and in the dark he saw three roes running across the field. He could hear the sound of the police siren each second closer to him.

     “C´mon, please come here quickly.” He whispered.

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