Open Season II

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Among old pine trees there was a cabin. It was not too large nor too small. It was just for a group of hunters who knew where to find it. The season was about to start and what they were doing was preparing for it by drinking.


Jimmy, the big man with beard, dressed in checked shirt was telling another story how he was hunting a wolf and when he was about to tell the best part of it the door opened noisily and Hubert got it. He fell on the floor. His clothes were dirty and he looked like wild boar. Nobody moved only Hubert tried to stood up and started telling them what happened. He was not even in the middle of telling when Jimmy said:

“Shut up, you drunk wild boar! You better stop drinking next time you go hunting!” As a support of this the whole cabin was laughing and Jimmy continued “go to sleep and do not disturb us, everybody wants to know how I kill the wolf, right? He said and looked around to confirm his statement.

     “The deer said that…” Hubert tried one more time, “Can you hear me? I said shut the hell up! You are really crazy, that´s too much drinkin´.”

That was what Jimmy said and for rest of the day everybody pretended that Hubert is not there.


Next day was too cloudy and too rainy. Hunters were hunting for a whole day but without effort only Jimmy went deeper than others. The shots of his rifle were sounding deep in the wood and right after it there was a silent. Jimmy was successful and he was about to go back. As he started to walk he saw in the hollow an animal. He could not believe what he saw! It was a wolf. The wolf passed him and it seemed he did not smelled Jimmy. Jimmy did not wait for anything and he pointed his gun on the animal. He shot. He knew he got the wolf! That was for sure. He started to walk towards the animal he thought he killed. After three steps he stood still… The wolf was walking towards Jimmy. By every step the wolf got bigger and bigger and his eyes were glowing and there was a mysterious aurora around him. Both were staring at each other. Wolf on his four legs watched the hunter with those wild eyes from the fog. Jimmy pointed the rifle and shot. He fell on the ground dead… What he heard for the last time in his life was howling of the wolf.

     Meanwhile hunters in the cabin started to worry about the Jimmy. No one knew where he could have been. Maybe one man but the man was at home preparing for hunt. He believed what others told him that he was drunk and nothing like that happened. Tomorrow he will hunt again. There is no deer, no golden horns and nothing like that. He is not crazy all he wants is just to hunt.

     “We will find Jimmy tomorrow!” Said one of the hunters.

     “We don´t have to worry about that man, he is probably somewhere waiting for something special because he always has to be special one. Maybe this time it will be bear, damn!” Said the other man in the cabin.

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