Open Season

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All characters in this story are fiction of the author and do not exist in real world. (Although you do not have to agree as well since you can meet most of them on your walk in the wood) Dedicated to: all humans who love Nature



"The greatest thrill is not to kill but to let live."

(James Oliver Curwood)


It was dark and rainy day. Fall was definitely here and wind was zinging in such crazy way that one could think somebody is screaming for a help. Trees without leaves looked like the hands of deads reaching for the clouds which were licking the top of trees and hills.

     Hubert, the older man who loved drinking, was walking through the misty wood which completely swallow him in its great mouth. Holding the rifle toughly he was trying to be as silent as possible but having had drunk it made it quite difficult. He was checking the road in front of him and looking everywhere he tried to see any animal. He wanted to kill. Take a life from living creature as if he was god. He loved hunting. He did not mind illegal hunt. He was proud when he could show his friends how perfect hunter he is. He did not give a damn about the way of hunt. The most important to him was to kill and feel the adrenaline, feeling of being someone who decides over the life and death. It was quite easy. Just sat around and wait. Drink. Smoke. Drink again. And smoke.

     Suddenly he heard something…

     Hubert stopped and his breath was quick, hands were shaking and he could not see clearly. He saw doe running away. He could hear there was one more doe at least. He prepared for shooting. He pointed the rifle to a place where he heard the sounds. And then… A doe showed up. He pushed the trigger. A deafening sound spread through the foggy wood. There was a smoke and when it disappeared Hubert saw he missed, he pushed trigger again and he was the lucky guy. The doe faded on the ground and last parts of life which were in her were slowly running out of her by moving legs. A smile appeared on Hubert´s face as he was running to his another trophy. He already saw the new trophy on his wall in a hall and he could swear he feel the taste of meat in his mouth.

     On spur of moment he fell on the ground, crashed down by something what he could not see because of the leaves and mud in his eyes. He quickly cleaned his eyes for he could see what was happening. He turned on his back and what he saw above him was so terrible that he wished he could die. There was big black creature which looked like deer but this deer was two times bigger as they usually are and his eyes were orange and yellow and they were glowing. His horns were shining and looked like it is made of gold. He tried to scream, started to search for his rifle but he did not know where it is. The creature stood above him with his legs spread and said:

“That´s enough! You will pay for what you have done to all of us!” His voice sounded like a thunder. “Now listen carefully. I will let you go but you gotta tell this to hunters: Stop killing us! No more hunting in this wood! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Or we will take REVENGE!!!”

The last sentence was said in such terrifying way that Hubert was shaking like there is an earthquake or something.

“Ye-y-yes.” Whispered Hubert.

The deer bow down his great head on which were such beautiful and big horns like no one had seen before and they were looking face to face.

“Do not forget it, human.” Said the deer.

Hubert closed his eyes and was still shaking like a leaf. After a minute he opened his eyes and there was nobody. Only the night was coming and fog disappeared. What about the doe? She was not there. Hubert´s clothes were wet. He started to run as if the devil was chasing him heading to the hunters´ club where he knew he will find the most of the hunters.




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